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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

In 2002, the independent authority, PE Europe, conducted an in-depth study on insulation materials on behalf of Sto. They made a cradle-to-grave ecology balance analysis of the most widely used insulation materials for external wall insulation systems.

The materials were analysed in terms of:

  • Global warming potential
  • Acidification potential
  • Eutrophication
  • Ozone formation

The report showed minor variations throughout the categories above over the life cycle of the system (assumed for the study to be 40 years). However, the "pay-back" period study was restricted to just a few years. This compared the emissions caused during the manufacture/installation and disposal of the systems, compared to the emissions caused through a lack of building insulation.

The study found that 216 tonnes of carbon dioxide can be saved by insulating a standard-sized house with an external wall insulation system.

EPDs: Environmental Product Declaration certificates

As a sign of our commitment to sustainability, Sto has attained EPDs for all its essential mineral based render products. We are one of the first manufacturers to do so within our sector. As soon as appropriate testing regimes for synthetically bound products have been agreed, these will also be tested.

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