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StoColor Dryonic: beautiful dry, come what may.

This innovative new paint uses a technology borrowed from nature which allows it to both repel water and channel it away at the same time

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StoColor Dryonic - a new facade paint with iQ - Intelligent Technology

It is suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects, and offers many advantages including rapid drying, great resistance to the growth of unsightly algae, plus the scope to create unique and eye-catching façades.

Inspired by special micro-textures found on the shell of the fog-basking beetle, StoColor Dryonic paint uses a special composition of binding agents and filler material to create a hydrophilic-hydrophobic micro-textured surface which instantly repels water. It also simultaneously channels it away, leaving the façade dry in no time at all. This efficient and reliable action also ensures that microorganisms are unable to grow on the dry surface and any staining or marking is dramatically reduced compared to a conventional façade finish.

StoColor Dryonic at a glance

  • Very quick drying after rain and dew formation
  • Bionic principle for dry facades against algae and fungal attack
  • Without biocidal film preservative
  • Extremely wide colour shade variety and high level of colour stability
  • Minimal filler material breakdown/not easily scuffed
  • Can be applied to all conventional construction substrates
  • Germany‘s first climate neutral facade paint
  • StoColor Dryonic G is available with encapsulated film preservative

StoColor Dryonic Facade Paint

A video demonstrating how StoColor Dryonic paint uses innovative technology, inspired by the fog-basking beetle, to both repel and channel water at the same time, leaving the facade to dry in no time at all.

Video clip | 02:30

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StoColor Dryonic

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