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Sto remains the world market leader in EWIS

The German business magazine "Wirtschaftswoche" has once again decided: Sto may continue to call itself the world market leader in the business field of "External Thermal Wall Insulation Systems" in 2023.

For several years now, "Wirtschaftswoche" has been awarding prizes to medium-sized global market leaders from Germany, the "Hidden Champions". These companies combine many positive characteristics: they occupy high-growth market fields, act innovatively and internationally, pay attention to a solid financial structure and develop a brand with charisma. Many of these companies are still in the hands of the founding or owning family.

Recently, the magazine awarded prizes to the current world market leaders. They have to meet high standards - highest or second-highest market share, annual turnover of more than 50 million euros and half of it generated abroad on at least three continents. The multi-crisis situation in the past months, which were marked by the coronavirus pandemic, a gas price explosion, supply bottlenecks and very high inflation, did not leave many companies unscathed: "The global crises lead to a selection in the current ranking," writes Wirtschaftswoche. It is therefore all the more pleasing that Sto was once again named world market leader - again in the business field of "External Wall Insulation Systems" - as in previous years. "For us, it is a nice sign that we are on the right track with our strategy, says Sto Executive Board Spokesman Rainer Hüttenberger. "In addition to further internationalisation, investment in research and development, and our earnings-oriented growth course, the core initiatives of the Sto Strategy also include sustainability." According to Rainer Hüttenberger, the strategy is only successfully put into practice by the dedicated employees. More than 5700 people work for the Sto Group worldwide.