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Sto remains the global EWIS market leader in EWIS in 2024

Wirtschaftswoche" has been honoring the "hidden champions of the German economy" for years. Once again, the University of St. Gallen used official figures for its research: for listed companies, the latest annual financial statements; for all other companies, the annual financial statements from the Federal Gazette.

But what are the characteristics of a global market leader? It occupies high-growth market segments, operates innovatively and internationally, pays attention to a solid financial structure and develops a brand with charisma. Many of the award-winning companies are still in the hands of the founding or owner family. Global market leaders must meet high standards - highest or second-highest market share, annual sales of over 50 million euros and half of their revenue generated abroad on at least three continents.

On course for international growth

As an internationally positioned company with a profit-oriented growth course, Sto once again achieved the title in the "external wall insulation systems" business field, as in previous years. Over the next twelve months, the company may advertise with the seal attached on its websites, in its social media channels, in brochures, customer magazines and press releases.

This success is based on the successful implementation of the core initiatives of the Sto Strategy: further internationalization, investment in research and development, and the achievement of ambitious sustainability goals. "With our core business, the facade insulation systems, we are also making an important contribution to achieving the climate protection targets in Europe," emphasizes CEO Rainer Hüttenberger.

According to Rainer Hüttenberger, the basic prerequisite for the success of the Sto Group is its committed employees. "On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to thank all our colleagues for their strong commitment over the past few months. A challenging year 2024 awaits us all. Let us take this motivational boost with us and continue to work at full speed on our joint success!"