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What's behind biomimicry at Sto?

Sustainable building with biomimetic facade paints

We have been developing products based on the most efficient solutions from nature for 20 years. Our inspiration: 3430 million years of evolution – constant optimisation through further development. The benefit to you: radiant colour intensity, UV protection, weather protection, surfaces that clean themselves, and a longer lifecycle for your facades. Cost-effectiveness and ecology combined. This is what we mean by Building with conscience.

The experience of nature in our products

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The self-cleaning ability of StoColor Lotusan® guarantees active, moisture-regulating weatherproofing to protect against algae and fungi.

How StoColor Lotusan® works:

Water management is one of the most important jobs of facade paints. Due to its high surface tension, water forms in droplets. The water-repellent microtexture in the Lotusan® facade paint minimises the contact that the water has with the surface. As a result, dirt runs off with the raindrops in a matter of seconds. And the facade stays pristine for longer.

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The result is extremely quick drying after rain, fog, and dew. With StoColor Dryonic®, the facade has an environmentally friendly and long-term safeguard against algae and fungal attack.

How StoColor Dryonic® works:

The microtexture of StoColor Dryonic® forms tiny peaks. While the hydrophilic tips let the water condense, the hydrophobic depressions in between repel water. We took this observation from nature and transferred it into our top-performing facade paints. The paint’s special surface texture ensures that dew and rain on the facade dry in record time, depriving algae and fungi of the nutrients they need to grow.

In addition, StoColor Dryonic® can be combined with other technologies: integrated solar protection, SunBlock Technology, prevents bold colours from fading as a result of UV rays, while X-black Technology stops the facade from heating up.

Our biomimetic facade paints are available without biocidal film protection, making them exceptionally environmentally friendly.