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About Web Cookies

Cookies are small snippets of data that a website stores on your computer while you browse. Some are only active during a browser session before being deleted, while others may be stored in order to remember actions you performed in the past so you don't have to perform those actions again in the future. Cookies have always been a vital part of the web: Without them it would not be possible to log-in to a website, go shopping online, set up friends lists on social networks or view YouTube videos.

While cookies cannot carry viruses or install malware, some third-party tracking cookies can compile long-term records of your browsing history. Because of this, the law surrounding the use of cookies in the UK and Europe has changed.

We are now obligated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to inform you that this website uses cookies for:

  • Collecting anonymous user statistics, allowing us to improve the website over time;
  • Allowing you to play YouTube videos on the website;
  • Allowing social networking functionality with the AddThis toolbar.

These cookies do not collect data about you personally, and are usually deleted at the end of a browser session. We do not, and will never, collect personal information without your explicit consent.

If you still do not wish to accept cookies from the Sto website, you can disable and delete cookies in your browser's security settings.